Golf Hotel Danubio


Take a deep breath and concentrate on the swing: you’re at Jesolo Golf Club , immersed in an exciting competition of shots in the hole with friends, surrounded by a beautiful green area used for the game of golf, caressed by the sea breeze.
The Jesolo Golf Club offers all lovers of this sport the rare occasion to dedicate themselves to this activity, with total freedom throughout their holiday, taking advantage of anarea kept neat and tidy in every particular detail , well-finished and located in a pleasant and unique setting; a panorama gifted by the Jesolo coast.
Easily accessible from the centre of Jesolo and from Hotel Danubio 3 stars , the Jesolo Golf Club is the ideal place for a break between a tan and the other, enjoying a good match with friends and dedicating yourself to one of the most enjoyed activities by many.

The Science Factory Hotel Danubio

The Science Factory

A few steps from the Hotel Danubio in Jesolo!
Evolution is one of the qualities of the Fabbrica della Scienza, where many stimulating and exciting innovations are always waiting for you to live together a ludic-scientific and interactive experience within everyone’s reach. A container of tools to be used to discover physics, innovation, the forces of nature, energy, space, illusion and much more. Come and find out at La Fabbrica della Scienza!
A fantastic attraction for young and old scientists!

New Jesolandia Hotel Danubio

New Jesolandia

Not far from the 3-star Hotel Danubio in Jesolo is Jesolandia , the big Jesolo amusement park: all are welcome, young people, kids, children, adults and families. Its 20,000 square metres are completely dedicated to fun and pleasure.
Every evening from 8pm until late Jesolandia is a must for the any tourist staying in Jesolo, who can’t wait to go on all the rides and have fun with friends or family. Start with the new giant big wheel, from which you get great views over most of Jesolo, and then try the more traditional rides that everyone loves – like the roller coaster, the classic maze or castle – through to the most technologically advanced and innovative ones that maybe you’ve never tried before.
And then there are all the kiosks selling all kinds of sweets, opportunities to pit your wits in fairground challenges, quiet little corners to sit down and relax and all the music, colours, lights and streams of people everywhere. Taste some delicious candy floss or a fragrant chocolate pancake, stroll through the lively streets and ride on your favourite carousel: the rest is up to you. Have fun!

Tropicarium Park Hotel Danubio

Tropicarium Park

In Jesolo the Tropicarium Park is a zoo with animals – sea and land species – from distant tropical locations around the world, of which a few are especially dangerous and wild.
Which, for example? Crocodiles and alligators, iguanas and tortoises, penguins and snakes, monkeys and turtles; and then different species of shark – from hammerhead shark to bull shark, for example – and fish, such as squirrel fish, barracudas, rays, piranhas and scorpion fish.
The list of wonderful guests of the Tropicarium Park in Jesolo is long and it doesn’t end here. To see it all, just set off from Hotel Danubio and you”ll be there in no time at all . You’ll be amazed by all the wonderful animals there are to see, in all their splendour.

The Gelleon Hotel Danubio

The Gelleon

When it stands out on the shores of the coast of Jesolo, it is hard to miss: the Galleon stands out in its beauty, that of a charming Venetian style boat Renaissance, perfectly rebuilt to give tourists a little taste of the glorious Serenissima era.
In addition to being viewed, the Galleon is also available for inside visits and especially for those who would like to organize any type of event in an exceptional location: imagine a birthday, a corporate dinner, a special occasion or a wedding on board this enchanting boat, cradled by the waves, transported on a tour through the most enchanting corners of the Venetian Lagoon with the assistance of a friendly crew.
The Galeone also offers an excellent restaurant service with excellent menus available, based on the traditional cuisine belonging to the Venetian coast, served by attentive and qualified staff … to savour slowly, with calm, admiring the beauty of the sea that surrounds you.

Caribe Bay Hotel Danubio

Caribe Bay

Did you know that in Jesolo you can find the largest water theme park in Europe? It’s true. With its 80,000 square metres of pools of all kinds, extremely long slides, aquatic carousels, kiosks, bazaars and much more, Caribe Bay*** breaks all records.
Within the complex, every visitor has the opportunity of immersing themselves into a world of fun, finding relief from the summer heat by plunging into the fresh water. Speed down the most thrilling slides, waterfalls and enjoy fresh ice-creams. Caribe Bay also offers scenic settings for recreating exotic landscapes, pools of various shapes and sizes, water games for children and adults, entertainment and wellbeing activities that make full use of the water… as well areas dedicated to entertainment activities and shows, above all during the evening, beneath the starry skies.
We recommend that you don’t miss out on a visit together with friends or family during your holiday, and that you spend an afternoon or even a whole day at Caribe Bay: you will have plenty of fun and it will be an experience that you never forget.
*** Advanced ticket sales directly at on-line site